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How You Can Get White Teeth

People have used a variety of products and procedures since the beginning of time to brighten their smiles. In ancient Egypt, white teeth were a sign of beauty and wealth. The ancient Egyptians used a paste of ground pumice and wine vinegar to whiten their teeth.

Modern bleaching with peroxide and trays was an accidental discovery. Dentists knew that peroxide was a good antiseptic and used it to treat gum disease. As they tried to find ways to keep the peroxide on the gums for longer periods of time, they saw the peroxide also made teeth whiter! Today, whitening products come in all forms: strips, trays, paste, rinses, and laser lights to speed up the process.

Not all teeth have to be blinding or unnatural to pass the test. Your dentist can help you determine the best shade of white for your own teeth based on the rest of your coloring. Too much teeth bleaching might increase your tooth sensitivity, so consult with Dr. Kim at Tru Plano Dental before you start any whitening treatment.

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